The Year that Was…

Published On: 11 December 2020

As 2020 comes to an end, we reflect on the year that was.

March felt like it went forever, with lots of adjustments made in a short space of time. Many settlements in April were brought forward due to the proposed uncertainty of people being unable to move during lockdown.

Document handling

Electronic Conveyancing was kicked up a notch with the closure of the Land Titles Office Settlements Room. This has proven a momentous occasion and the catalyst for many practitioners moving to the electronic platform; luckily, we had been well versed by our early adoption of PEXA. Electronic communication became the norm, rushed policies put in place to exchange documentation effectively and securely, and new ways to adhere to identity requirements became the next challenge.

The Conveyancing industry in SA is a close-knit community and the ability to help one another for the mutual benefit of our clients, is second to none. Add to that the support of our Industry Council and stakeholders, we were able to continue to do business. Our industry’s resilience and ability to adapt is phenomenal.

In particular, Strathalbyn Conveyancing’s team were strong and stable throughout the growing pandemic and the subsequent issues it raised. Real Estate Agents pivoted to online opens and auctions with success. Technology really has come a long way and working from home or remotely, seems almost as easy as working from the office, minus the human interaction and connection.

The State and Federal Government’s support for small business in our industry was very welcomed and well received, enabling us to continue to operate and employ our staff. For this our office is profoundly grateful. The Government incentives to homeowners and builders has been invaluable in keeping the property industry moving forward and at a steadily increasing pace.

Strathalbyn’s Community

The Strathalbyn community have rallied around each other and we are pleased to be involved with many sporting clubs getting back on their feet in 2021. Our office has also been active in raising funds for RSPCA via our cupcake day and generously donating to the Back Packs 4 SA kids Christmas drive, providing gifts and necessities to underprivileged kids in SA.

As many are aware Christmas celebrations are a little different this year. Previously we have been proud supporters of “Christmas Where the Angus Flows” and look forward to its return. Our office has joined in the local Christmas Advent Calendar and will have a special offer for kids on the 21st December – be sure to look out for it in the window of the old “Toffish” store and on the local Facebook sites.

Whilst online learning and communication has become the norm, our office is back up and running as it has for the last 30+ years. We welcome clients in and enjoy building a relationship with them and hearing about their property goals.

Strathalbyn Conveyancing is looking forward to 2021 and the new challenges that we will encounter. Nicole, Karen, Michelle, Sue and Chris wish all of our local community, valued clients, family and friends a very happy Christmas and we look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.