4 Year Anniversary

Published On: 29 July 2022
A Big Milestone Celebrated!

The 1st of July 2022 marked a milestone for Nicole Cleggett, the owner of Strathalbyn Conveyancing, who celebrated 4 years of business ownership.

Over the last  4 years her business  has seen several changes:

  • within the Conveyancing industry,
  • the real estate market,
  • a global pandemic,
  • changes within the business itself.
The Pandemic

The global pandemic led to the closure of the Land Titles Office Settlements Room and forced all Conveyancers to transact online and complete e-settlements. This streamlined a lot of our processes and is now considered the “norm.” A paper settlement, conducted in person, is now considered as rare. The Land Titles Office Settlement Room has now been converted into a Café.

The Strathalbyn Conveyancing Team

The team has welcomed new members, our team is now:

  • Belinda Goodrich – Conveyancing Assistant,
  • Wendy Hentschke – Registered Conveyancer
  • Michelle Loechel – Registered Conveyancer
  • Sue Geisler – Reception
  • Karen Francis – has achieved Certified Practising Conveyancing status. This is an acknowledgment of her consistent effort to keep up to date with the changes in our industry – well done Karen!
Nicole’s 4 tips from 4 years in business

Build a team:
Both human and in technical resources. Don’t try and do everything yourself as there are some gaps in your skillset that can be filled more efficiently by your team, both internal and external. Use technology and software to your advantage, this often saves time and headaches.

Be the best at what you do:
Having great staff who care about your clients and their transaction, who focus on your company values and purpose, will provide great customer service to clients. Staff who excel in great customer service create satisfied clients who remain loyal to your business and refer family, friends, and colleagues. Invest in training and keeping up with changes.

Find a Balance:
Between work and family life. As the old saying goes “you can’t pour from an empty cup.” Make a priority to look after yourself so you can look after others.

Engage a Business Coach or Mentor:
They are worth their weight in gold, they provide valuable advice and support in running a business. Importantly, they provide an independent view and ideas that can appear out of left field. They are experienced, provide help and guidance as a third party, open your mind to new ideas, help you set goals and keep you accountable.

New Financial Year
The beginning of a new financial year means new goals and a renewed focus on values at Strathalbyn Conveyancing.

We continually strive to take the stress out of your property settlement by focusing on the transaction, so you can focus on your future!