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Property Conveyancing, E-conveyancing & Land Division services in South Australia

Strathalbyn Conveyancing takes the complication out of buying, selling and transferring property. We provide exceptional land division & E-conveyancing services in Adelaide. Our registered Conveyancers are qualified to deal with all real estate documentation regarding land ownership transfers in South Australia.

At Strathalbyn Conveyancing, you will find up-to-date professional knowledge incorporating many years of experience and quality land division & E-conveyancing services in Adelaide. Our team pride themselves in providing a prompt and reliable service at competitive prices in the Strathalbyn and surrounding areas. Our team is members of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers (SA Division).

Our Conveyancers can provide professional services in Adelaide in the following areas:

  • Real Estate settlements
  • Business Contracts / Settlements
  • Land Division Applications
  • Family Transfers and Change of name applications
  • Private contracts
  • Property Searches
  • Form 1 preparation
  • E-Conveyancing

Why is it important to hire a conveyancer for Land Division Application in Adelaide?

Land Division can be time-consuming and complex process. As your conveyancers in South Australia, we would recommend that you get a conveyancer to process the land division. During the process, as your conveyancer we will determine the requirements of planning & development, drafting the plans, complete all the paperwork’s and lodge an application and monitor the lodged applications. We will also keep you informed about the process and provide all the legal advice.    

What you need to know about E-Conveyancing?

Electronic Conveyancing is the conveyancing transactions that are carried out and settled electronically. This is a flexible process where you can choose which steps you would like to complete online and with paper. At Strathalbyn Conveyancing, We will help you in the registration, preparation and execution of settlement electronically.

Meet Our Staff

Nicole Cleggett

Certified Practising Conveyancer AICSA

Nicole joined Chris Rodgers Conveyancing in 2002 as a Conveyancer’s Assistant after several years working in the local library.

In 2008 Nicole completed the Advanced Diploma of Financial Services (Conveyancing) through Tafe SA and became a registered Conveyancer in November of the same year.

Nicole has experience in all aspects of property Conveyancing & land division in Adelaide, and enjoys meeting with clients and working towards a smooth and successful settlement.

Nicole resides in Langhorne Creek with her husband and 3 children. She enjoys spending her spare time with family, holidaying, reading and being involved in the local netball club.

Chris Rodgers

Certified Practising Conveyancer AICSA and Fellow AICSA

Chris has a wealth of knowledge and industry
experience in all areas of real estate Conveyancing transactions.

Before becoming a Conveyancer Chris worked at the Land Titles Office for 12 years in the Surveying and Documentation Branches.

In 1989 Chris opened his own Conveyancing business in Strathalbyn and has since consulted with, and provided high quality advice to many locals for nearing 30 years.

Chris’ interests are travel, trekking, sports and

Karen Francis

Conveyancing Assistant AICSA

Karen commenced working for Chris Rodgers
Conveyancing in 2012 and has a banking background together with selling books.

Karen is currently studying the Advanced Diploma
of Conveyancing with Tafe SA which she hopes to complete in the near future. Karen is gaining
experience by assisting Chris and Nicole in all
areas of Conveyancing & land division in Adelaide.

Having lived in Strathalbyn since her high school years, Karen currently lives on a small farm on the outskirts of Strathalbyn with her husband, twin daughters and a menagerie of animals!

Karen has actively been involved with local netball and basketball clubs and is looking forward to
spending more time travelling, horse riding,
gardening and reading her numerous piles of books!