E-conveyancing is a highly recommended form of conveyancing in South Australia. You will find our processes to be easy to use, cost-effective and efficient.

Benefits of Using E-Conveyancing for Property Settlement

When purchasing a property, why not use e-conveyancing? Short for electronic conveyancing, e conveyancing is an online method of conveyancing that saves you time and money. You are dealing with professionals at every step of the process. There are a host of things to organise when you are buying a property. E-conveyancing takes the hassle out of your legal transactions by eliminating the need for excessive meetings, manual paperwork, settlement venues, and couriers.

The Property Exchange Australia (PEXA)

The Property Exchange Australia (PEXA) has been formed as a government initiative to create a conveyancing platform online that conveyancers, lawyers and financial instructions within Australia use to make conveyancing more efficient. At Strathalbyn Conveyancing we can now collaborate online to perform settlement tasks such as land title dealings with the South Australian Land Registry. South Australian firms have had access to PEXA since 2016.

Embracing Technology

The real estate industry is finally catching up with digital technology. While most other industries had utilised technology to their full advantage over the past decade, real estate has still been an industry that relied predominantly on a very manual system. This is now changing quickly – it is no longer necessary to utilise such a manual process.

Fast Transactions

Your transactions will be processed faster. Bank cheques are not required, which not only saves you time but allows the vendor faster access to funds. Manual settlements can take a number of weeks to progress. When you use our e conveyancing services in Adelaide and surrounds your transaction will process much more quickly.

Electronic lodgement for registration of title transactions is a huge time saver, and buyers and sellers have peace of mind that when they use e conveyancing, these processes are completed efficiently. All processes are easily trackable when using e conveyancing.

Greater Efficiency

Manual processes can always be susceptible to human error. Using e conveyancing for SA conveyancing reduces the risk of error by automatic documentation checking.

Helps the Environment

Using e conveyancing for property transactions means that mountains of paperwork is not required. You help the green footprint and minimise harmful carbon emissions. Everything is filed securely online.

Peace of Mind

When you use e conveyancing services in Adelaide and surrounds you have peace of mind that your transactions will be processed with service that has been designed for its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. There are automatic checking systems in place when you do your conveyancing online, and you will have minimal phone calls with your conveyancers.


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