How do you change the names on a property document?

Published On: 24 February 2023

Has your name changed due to marriage or a separation?

Or are you wanting to transfer your property to your children or other family members?

You may be the beneficiary of an estate left to you in a will.

Or  are you refinancing with a different provider?

Change of ownership

Life has its ups and downs and sometimes your change in circumstances will mean you need to change the ownership information on your property documents – your Certificate of Title.

Your Certificate of Title is the official record of land ownership in South Australia.

Whether your change is within your family or you are creating a new one, a property transfer needs to follow correct procedures. When you need to make these changes, make sure you get professional advice as there are legal issues which you need to be aware of.

How do you change Certificate of Title details in South Australia?

The document(s) required by Land Services SA to enable a change in Title will depend on the type of change you are wanting to make and whether the property was held Solely, as Joint Tenants, Tenants in Common or as Trustee.

Changing details on your Certificate of Title can involve:

  • Verification of identity – which needs to be done to reduce the risk of identity fraud and fraudulent land transactions.
  • Verification of authority – Another step in reducing fraud, and it ensures that a person has the authority to enter into a transaction.
  • Collecting all the necessary documentary evidence and lodging an application

If you need to change your property information because of a new relationship, your conveyancer can help. They’ll help you decide how the property should be held and liaise with your financial institution (if necessary) to make sure all documents are ready for the change.

If a couple had the property held as Joint Tenants, and one person passes away, it usually means the property is able to pass to the survivor upon lodgement of an Application to Register Death.

If the property is held Solely or as Tenants in Common a Transmission Application is needed along with other documents after the granting of Probate.

Sometimes the situation needing changes made is sensitive and needs immediate attention. We have the knowledge and experience to guide you through a challenging period. We’ll ensure you receive the correct advice, make the process as stress free as possible and deal with documentation in a timely manner.