E-conveyancing is a settlement alternative

It is a single system to complete all your property transactions online; checking and verifying all information in the process. The transaction time can be quicker than the traditional method and the process is easier for all parties involved.

There are a number of documents to organise when you are buying a property. E-conveyancing takes the hassle out of your legal transactions by reducing meetings and manual paperwork.

Fast Transactions

Your transactions will be processed faster.

Bank cheques are not required, which not only saves you time but allows the vendor faster access to funds.

Electronic lodgement for Registration of Title transactions is a time saver and the process can be completed efficiently. All processes are easily trackable when using e conveyancing.

Property Exchange Australia

The Property Exchange Australia (PEXA) has been formed as a government initiative to create a conveyancing platform online that conveyancers, lawyers and financial institutions use to make conveyancing more efficient.

Strathalbyn Conveyancing now collaborates online to complete settlement tasks such as land title dealings with the South Australian Land Registry.